Edu Zone is here to simplify your life. If you are looking for providers that combine the best portfolio of Cloud computing services, then you have come to the right place. Here at Edu Zone we offer a large variety of Saas, Iaas, Paas as well as SECaas. We have all necessary 3rd platform services, servers, mobile applications as well as security and back up solutions.

EZ Infrastructure

At Edu Zone, we offer you rental of everything you need, when you need it. At your disposal are servers(hardware), server space, networking devices, data centre space, IP addresses, bandwidth and alike.


EZ Anti-Spam

EZ Anti-spam is an advanced solution, based on popular open-source software with the addition of our specially designed modules. Our security provides a high level of spam detection whilst maintaining the simplicity of organisation and usage.


EZ Moodle

The widely used Open Source LMS has been reported as rather difficult to manage. This is where we step in with our unique solutions to the issues you face in setting up and administering Moodle. Based on your needs and requirements, you select the right tier for you.


A Step For Research & Education

We strive to bring online Education to Institutions, Universities, Research Institutes, teachers and students alike, make it accessible to all wherever they may be. You will no longer be location/ device restricted. With just a few clicks you can have access to cloud ready libraries, virtual classrooms, virtual labs, 24/7 repositories etc.

All your clouds under one umbrella

As Cloud providers and brokers, we align all Cloud services under a single contract, a unified monthly payment as well as our single sign-on solution. These features are both financially and work efficient, as they eliminate any concerns you might have in regards to the fluctuation of your requirements. You can scale up/ down as you need to, without worrying about numerous contracts, payments and alike.

Single sign-on

We have successfully implemented a single sign-on solution for all electronic identities through GÉANT eduGAIN as a central authority. Users from any GÉANT eduGAIN -participating Institution can access the system immediately thus eliminating the need to open any additional accounts. This function not only raises the security level of protection of user accounts, but enables instant access for the entire Research & Education Community.

EZ Hierarchy/Award

This unique solution of Cloud awarding has been created by us in order for you to utilise contracted services to their maximum. It allows you, the contractors, to manage and delegate services acquired through EduZone, by having the ability to award use of such to your collateral Institutions, R&E Institutes and the end users. This function provides a broad spectrum of possibilities, in effect to whom the use of such will be granted. Furthermore, the ability to now share contractual resources with other Institutions, Research Institutes, Universities and groups of defined users is a consolidating step in achieving improved cooperation amongst NRENs, R&E Institutions, both locally and globally.

Stay Connected

We appreciate and comprehend the importance of stability and reliability when working with Online Resources, therefore all our services are hosted in data centres directly connected to the GÉANT network. Taking this measure we overcome any possible issues of latency, bandwidth, data loss or any other degradation of network connectivity.

Go green!

Team Edu Zone cares about the R&E Community, and we take as much pride in caring for our Planet. You will therefore be pleased to know all the power needed to run our Cloud services comes solely from renewable energy.

Legal aspects & Safety

All database is kept within the EEA, therefore in full compliance with the rules and regulations, legal requirements of the European Union. Eduzone specialises in providing Cloud to the Research & Education Community, and is as such listed in the GÉANT Cloud Catalogue

GÉANT Cloud Catalogue